[Chinese Drama] 长相守 The Twin Flower Legend

Casts: Mao Xiao Hui, Yu Xiao Tong, Kenny Kwan, Kai Xuan, Chen Zheng Yang, Huang Jue etc.

Number of episodes: 60

The Twin Flower Legend kicks off with the introduction of two ladies: Hua Mujin and Hua Jinxiu; twin sisters who were children of a man who was well versed in the arts of war and business management. Despite the fact that they are sisters; they are very different. Mujin was smart and clever while Jinxiu is well versed at martial arts. Additionally, Jinxiu was born with a pair of lavender iris, which makes her stand out from others.

Due to an attack at their hometown and with the loss of their parents, the sisters were sold off as slaves to a well-known family with the surname Yuan, whom have been serving the imperial court for generations. Prior to that, the sisters got to known three other children: Biyao, Song Minglei and Yu Fei Yan, whom eventually become their sworn brothers and sworn sister.

Mujin had also had the opportunity to meet Fei Bai at the Yuan Family, who had taken an affection for her as she saved him when they were young.

The rest of the drama shows how the sisters grew up in the Yuan family with their sworn siblings; how they gain footing in the family and how they find the love of their loves (or not).

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