[Travel] Pre-departure tips and plans

Back to reality after spending a week in South Korea. Even though it’s my 2nd visit to Korea, I have decided to focus mainly on Seoul again for a few reasons:

  1. I am not confident that my limited knowledge in Korea language will allow me to survive places such as Jeju and Busan.
  2. As my older sister and I are traveling as a duo, getting a private car in Jeju Island can be costly.
  3. There are still places of interest in Seoul that I have yet to explore.

One major difference to this trip compared to my first virgin trip in 2015 is the season. Back in 2015, I visited Korea at the end of May, where it’s summer thus the weather is humid and warm. This time round, we visited the place at the start of April, where its the start of the Spring Season, and we wish to see the pretty cherry blossoms.

Mentioned in one of my previous post about itinerary planning, I completed my 2017 Korea itinerary via Travefy, which have a couple of functions that makes planning for travel so much fun.

Will be sharing the different places that I had been to along the way (and will be including some photos or places from my 2015 trip) but for now, here are some pre-departure tips and plans that I have done prior to flying.

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