[Korean Variety] Busted! Season 2

Back in 2018, I did 2 posts on the Korean Variety – Busted!, which I felt was a pretty good show with a very unique and fresh concept in Korean Variety shows. As Season 1 had garnered quite a large number of positive responses from viewers around the world (since the show is available only on Netflix), the producers mentioned they will work on Season 2.

In November 2019, Season 2 was officially released, with a total of 10 episodes.

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[Korean] Korean Language

Since 2017 March, I have started to learn Korean Language on a more serious note. Before 2017, I do have some basic understanding of Korean and was able to read the alphabets and perhaps forming of certain basic sentences but wasn’t able to go far.

With the implementation of the SkillsFuture Credit by the government, I have decided to take up Korean again and this time, be more serious with my studying towards the language.

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[Makeup] Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint

Laniege recently launched a new lip product: Tattoo Lip Tint.

I did some swatches while I browsing the product in the local Laneige Stores, but finally purchased the product while I was in Korea.

The two colors that I had brought were: Acai Bowl Red and Berry Good.

Credits: Laneige Website

Credits: Laneige Website

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