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[Korean Drama] Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사


Title: Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사

Staring: Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye-Ji, Lee Hye-young, Choi Min-soo

Total number of episodes: 16


A former gangster turned lawyer returns back to his hometown to seek revenge on those that resulted in the death of his mother using the law and his fists.

Author Note: My initial plan was to provide a more detailed summary of the drama but felt that would result in spoilers so I decided to kept it brief.

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[Chinese Drama] The Legend of Fuyao 扶摇


One of the most anticipated Chinese drama in 2018 finally hit Television last week. After watching the pilot episode, I was hooked; and have been faithfully watching the drama since (and even re-watched certain parts just because I was hooked).

Title: Legend of Fu Yao (扶摇)

Starring: Ethan Juan, Yang Mi, Lai Yi, Vengo Gao, Zhang Ya Qin etc.

Drama Summary thus far:

Fuyao was adopted at a young age and have been living in Xuan Yuan Sect; often being looked down upon by others due to her status as a slave. During a contest that she had been sabotaged to join, she managed to learn an invincible fighting technique and since then, shown improvements in her martial arts to the point she could even take down the first senior of Xuan Yuan Sect, the one whom she used to have romantic feelings for.

During the course of Fuyao experiencing hardships, she met Zhang Sun Wu Ji, who is under the disguise of the crown prince of Tianquan.

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