[Chinese Drama] 狼殿下 The Wolf

Starring: Darren Wang, Li Qin, Sean Xiao, Xin Zhi Lei, Guo Shu Yao.

Number of episodes: 49

Summary: The Wolf is a drama that talks about the love story between a man who used to be brought up by wolves; Lang Zai and Ma Zhai Xing, whom is a the daughter of a government official. Due to an event when they were younger, the two of them got separated only to be reunited with Lang Zai having a different status – Prince Bo. This drama is about love, hate, revenge and redemption.

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[Korean Drama] 의사요한 Doctor John

Number of episodes: 32 (note: on Netflix, its 16).

Staring: Ji Sung, Lee Se-Young, Hwang Hee, Lee Kyu-Hyung

의사요한, Doctor John is a Korea Medical drama that talks about the story of a doctor who specializes in Pain Management, Cha Yo-Han (Ji Sung). He returns back to work at a hospital after 3 years of being in jail and with his team, they try to diagnose the reasons why their patient are feeling pain and how to help their patients ease the pain.

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[Korean Drama] 내가 가장 예뻤을때 When I was most beautiful

Starring: Im Soo-Hyang, Ji-Soo, Han Ji-Seok etc.

Total number of episodes: 32

The story kicks of with Oh Ye-Jin (Im Soo-hyang) teaching in a high school while she was an university teacher. From there, she got to know Seo-Hwan (Ji-soo), whom like her on first sight.

While Ye-Jin and Seo-Hwan continued to develop their relationship as teacher/student, Seo-Hwan’s elder brother, Seo-Jin got discharged from the army and returned home. Coincidentally, on his very first day back, he bumped into Ye-Jin and after knowing Ye-Jin’s situation at home, decides to protect her by wooing her.

The story continued with both brothers turning against each other as a result of Ye-Jin.

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[Korean Drama] 부부의 세게 The World of the Married

Starring: Kim Hee-Ae, Park Hae-Joon, Han So-Hee, Park Sun-young, Kim Young-min etc.

Number of episodes: 16

Ji Seon-Woo, an associate director who works in a hospital found in the Gosan district used to think that her life was perfect. She had a loving husband Tae-Oh, and they had a son named Jun-Young. However, her life spiralled out of control when she discovered that Tae-Oh was having an affair with another woman.

Unable to tolerate the fact that Tae-Oh was having an affair, deceiving her and using their family funds behind her back, she set out to obtain evidence for her husband’s infidelity and to get her revenge.

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[Korean Drama] 쌍갑포차 Mystic Pop-up Bar

Starring: Hwang Jung-Eum, Choi Won-Young, Yook Sung-Jae, Joon Hyuk Lee etc.

Number of episodes: 12

Mystic Pop-Up Bar (MPB) is a drama that centers around Wol-Joo (Hwang Jung-Eum), who is the owner of a street stall. While the stall appears to be normal, Wol-Joo, together with her partner Chief Gwi (Choi Won-Young) are spirits whom are in the human realm working to help 100,000 grievances/grudges in the dream realm- the punishment that Wol-Joo had to complete for the crimes that she have committed before her death.

As Wol-Joo almost complete her goal, she found that increasingly, it was difficult to get people to open and talk about their troubles so that she could help them in the dream realm. Just as she was troubled, she crossed paths with Han Kang-Bae (Yook Sung-Jae), whom have a special ability that allow people to confide in him upon physical contact.

Realising Kang-Bae’s ability would be helpful in completing her goals, Wol-Joo recruited Kang-Bae as a part timer, while promising him that she will cure him.

The trio then started to work together in listening to the stories of others, and devise ways to help them solve their problems for Wol-Joo to achieve her goal.

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[Korean Drama] 오마이베이비 Oh My Baby

Starring: Jang Na-Ra, Go Joon, Park Byung-Eun, Jung Gun-Joo, Baek Seung-hee, Park Soo-Young etc.

Number of episodes: 16

Oh My Baby is a romance drama focusing on Jang Ha-Ri’s (by Jang Na-Ra) life. She is a 39 year old single woman, whom have been working as the deputy manager of a parenting magazine named “The Baby”. Despite the fact that she is working at a parenting magazine, she had been single for the past 10 years.

While she had given up entirely on marriage, she wants to have a baby. As she searched for a potential father, she set her sights on the following 3 men: Han Yi-Sang (by Go Joon), Yoon Jae-Young (Park Byung-Eun) and Choi Kang Eu Ddeum (Jung Gun-Joo).

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[Chinese Drama] 长相守 The Twin Flower Legend

Casts: Mao Xiao Hui, Yu Xiao Tong, Kenny Kwan, Kai Xuan, Chen Zheng Yang, Huang Jue etc.

Number of episodes: 60

The Twin Flower Legend kicks off with the introduction of two ladies: Hua Mujin and Hua Jinxiu; twin sisters who were children of a man who was well versed in the arts of war and business management. Despite the fact that they are sisters; they are very different. Mujin was smart and clever while Jinxiu is well versed at martial arts. Additionally, Jinxiu was born with a pair of lavender iris, which makes her stand out from others.

Due to an attack at their hometown and with the loss of their parents, the sisters were sold off as slaves to a well-known family with the surname Yuan, whom have been serving the imperial court for generations. Prior to that, the sisters got to known three other children: Biyao, Song Minglei and Yu Fei Yan, whom eventually become their sworn brothers and sworn sister.

Mujin had also had the opportunity to meet Fei Bai at the Yuan Family, who had taken an affection for her as she saved him when they were young.

The rest of the drama shows how the sisters grew up in the Yuan family with their sworn siblings; how they gain footing in the family and how they find the love of their loves (or not).

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[Chinese Drama] Miss Truth 大唐女法医

Casts: Zhou Jie Qiong, Toby Lee, Tim Pei, Lan Bo, Wang Yi Zhe

Total number of episodes: 36

Note: Miss Truth is a drama adopted from a novel “The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor”

The story follows a forensic examiner Ran Yan (acted by Zhou Jie Qiong), who wishes to investigate the truth behind her mother’s death, even though officials have written off her mother’s death as suicide. During the course of her seeking the truth, she had crossed paths with Xiao Song (acted by Toby Lee), a government official and Su Fu (acted by Tim Pei), an assassin.

As the Chinese of the title suggests and as the synopsis suggests, Ran Yan was heavily involved in assisting Xiao Song by being the forensic examiner for the cases that he was in charged of. During the course of her helping Xiao Song, she also managed to get closer to Su Fu, who was an assassin that saved her life.

With two guys vying for her attention, and that she moved towards discovering the truth of her mother’s death, she also managed to find her truth love…

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[Korean Drama] 레버리지 Leverage

Casts: Lee Dong-gun, Jeon Hye-bin, Kim Sae-Ron, Kim Kwon and Yeo Hoe-hyun

Note: Leverage is a remake of the American TV series with the same name.

Leverage is a drama series that anchors around Lee Tae-Joon (Lee Dong-gun), who used to be an insurance investigator. When his son was in critical condition due to health issues, he had resorted to stealing a medicine produced by a biomedical company in hopes that the medicine could help his son’s life. However, what he did not expect that his thieving act was a plot schemed by someone with status and power.

With the quest to avenge for his son, he had recruited four other criminals, Hwang Soo-Kyung (Jeon Hye-bin), Ko Na-Byeol (Kim Sae-Ron), Roy Ryu (Kim Kwon) and Jung Eui-Sung (Yeo Hoe-Hyun) to form a elite fraud team that targets those with status and power.

Author’s note: In terms of the story plot, I realised it was pretty similar to some of the other Korean dramas that I have watch previously (I.e. the player). Despite the similar story plot, I still enjoyed the show.

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[Chinese Drama] Royal Nirvana (鹤唳华亭)

Starring: Luo Jin (罗晋), Li Yitong (李一桐), Huang Zhizhong (黄志忠), Jin Han (金瀚) etc.

Total number of episodes: 60

This is one of the rare occasions where I picked up a drama for the actress (usually I pick my dramas for the male leads). Additionally, I was never a fan of the historical dramas of pure palace concept. However, it was not easy to ignore the presence of this drama when Youku dedicates an entire page on their mobile app for this drama. So I decided to get this drama a chance to see if would eventually like it (or dislike it).

I wasn’t expecting much to begin with for Royal Nirvana [RN]; in fact I thought I might just stopped after the first episode; which I was wrong. Somehow RN had got me hooked on and till the point I wanted to see more of the story plot, a lot more.

RN is a drama portray how a crowned prince (Xiao Dingquan acted by Luo Jin) who yearns for his father’s (the emperor, Xiao Jian, acted by Huang Zhi Zhong) love and recognition. After being away for 3 years, Xiao Dingquan returns home and try to prove his abilities as the crowned prince. However, many schemes against Xiao Dingquan. The situation was made worse when the emperor often does not trust him, and always shows favoritism to his eldest son, Xiao Dingtan (acted by Jin Han).

The female lead, Lu Wenxi (acted by Li Yi Tong), used to live a carefree life until her father, a civil servant, was asked to return to the imperial city. As her family returned to the imperial city only to die a wrongful death, she sought to seek vengeance for her family, and she smuggled into the palace as a maidservant.

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[Chinese Drama] Ashes to Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜)

Starring: Deng Lun, Yang Zi, Luo Yunxi, Wang Yifei, Chen Yuqi, Zou Ting Wei

Total number of episodes: 63

This drama could have slipped through my radar if it wasn’t for Netflix and their recommendation notification (yes, thank you Netflix!). Even though the show was aired in 2018; I only managed to complete the series recently.

Ashes to Love is a fantasy drama based on a novel about the romance between Xu Feng (starred by Deng Lun), who is the fire immortal and Jin Mi (starred by Yang Zi), who is the daughter of the Flower Goddess that transcends the different realms.

Jin Mi first met Xu Feng at the Flower Realm after his Phoenix nirvana went wrong as he crash landed into the Flower Realm. After she rescued him, Xu Feng promises to bring Jin Mi to the heavenly realm to thank her for saving his life. As the two of them started to hang out more often, Xu Feng realizes that he was in love with Jin Mi. Meanwhile, as Jin Mi continued to be beside Xu Feng, she had also gotten to know other immortals such as Run Yu (starred by Luo Yunxi), the elder brother of Xu Feng, the Fox Immortal (also known as the matchmaker) and even a demon Liu Ying (starred by Chen Yuqi).

However, due to Jin Mi leaving the Flower Realm and to the Heavenly Realm, it was found out that she was actually the daughter of the previous Flower Goddess. Since then, she was often put in harm’s way by various immortals, such as the Heavenly Empress herself. It was also because of her birth history that she became the Fiancee of Run Yu, which caused Xu Feng to be heartbroken and would do anything to have Jin Mi.

As a result, things began to spiral out of control as the two brothers go against each other to win Jin Mi’s heart…

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[Korean Drama] The Last Empress

Photo credits: SBSfunE

Starring: Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Elijah, Shin Sung Rok, Shin Eun Kyung

Number of episodes: 52 (each episode is approximately 30+ minutes)

Initially, the Last Empress wasn’t on my to watch list when it first started to air last year. However, with the recommendation from my colleague and realizing that Choi Jin Hyuk was in the show (whom I started to like after watching emergency couple that he co-stared with Song Ji Hyo), I started watching the drama. And I am extremely thankful for not missing out on this drama, but this drama turned out to be one of the best Kdramas that I had watched thus far.

Note: Some small spoilers ahead!

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