[Korean Drama] 내가 가장 예뻤을때 When I was most beautiful

Starring: Im Soo-Hyang, Ji-Soo, Han Ji-Seok etc.

Total number of episodes: 32

The story kicks of with Oh Ye-Jin (Im Soo-hyang) teaching in a high school while she was an university teacher. From there, she got to know Seo-Hwan (Ji-soo), whom like her on first sight.

While Ye-Jin and Seo-Hwan continued to develop their relationship as teacher/student, Seo-Hwan’s elder brother, Seo-Jin got discharged from the army and returned home. Coincidentally, on his very first day back, he bumped into Ye-Jin and after knowing Ye-Jin’s situation at home, decides to protect her by wooing her.

The story continued with both brothers turning against each other as a result of Ye-Jin.

Seo-Jin, elder brother of Seo-Hwan, is an adrenaline junkie, who used to compete in car races. He is also the aloof elder brother to Seo-Hwan as he always keep his younger brother at a distance.

After getting to know Ye-Jin, Seo-Jin decided to protect her by wooing her and this is despite the fact that he knew his younger brother likes her. His stubbornness had put the originally strained relationship of the two brothers even worse.

Oh Ye-Jin never got a chance to experience a happy childhood as she stayed with her aunt at a very young age. Her aunt had never treated her with respect and she was desperate to improve her situation.

Ye-Jin has a passion for the arts and was given the opportunity to learn ceramics from Seo-Hwan’s father, who is well known for his ceramic works. As she continued to hang out at Seo-Hwan’s house, she also get to know Seo-Jin and was caught in between the two brothers as both of them show their affection for her.

Seo-Hwan, the youngest in the family. While he is the youngest, he never had a opportunity to act his age as he had to take care of his father, whose legs got crippled as a result of a hiking accident.

Hwan is also the one whom have liked Ye-Jin right from the start, but eventually Ye-Jin ended up marrying his brother instead. As the story progresses, Hwan still didn’t let go about the fact that the one he likes is now his sister-in-law, and this complicated matters.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

When I was Most Beautiful was a melodrama and I must admit, this drama had all the elements of what a Melodrama should be: exaggerated plots, tugging on the sentiments and emotions of the viewers etc. When I was Most Beautiful had taken me on a roller coaster ride; but I wasn’t sure I appreciated it after all.

The story started out pretty decent with not too much complications, even though there are signs that potentially indicate that each of the leads, Ye-Jin and Seo-Hwan had their own family issues.

With the inclusion of Seo-Jin, the story takes on a turn that I feel like it doesn’t make much sense to my logical mind. Some part of the drama make me went “Realistically, this doesn’t make sense…”

Many at times, I did wanted to give up on this drama because I feel that the melodrama genre doesn’t cut out for me. However, the main purpose of continuing the drama, was because I wanted to see if there was a happy ending for Seo-Hwan. If anything, Seo-Hwan grew on me as the plot progresses. I wanted him to have a happy ending because I feel that he sacrificed so much in this drama that my heart goes out to him.

Having said that, I think Ji-Soo had grown so much as an actor. This wasn’t the first drama that I had seen him in before, but this is the first drama that he had the most impact on me.

Bonus picture because Ji-Soo deserved it.

When I was most beautiful is available on VIU.

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