[Makeup] Etude House Eyeshadow – Maple Road

2020 was supposed to be an awesome leap year but instead the world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, where we have been living with it for close to 6 months.

For Singapore, strict laws have been put in place where everyone is expected to wear a mask once they are in public areas. If one is caught without a mask in public, you will be fined or in extreme cases; jailed.

Given that mask wearing is part of the routine now, I started to giving myself excuses not to use my cushion/foundation as they will stain the masks, which makes my mask unhygienic (the counter argument would be there there are now products that are mask friendly, which I will talk about in a separate post in the near future). What I generally focused on in terms of my make up are (1) eyebrows and (2) eyelids.

Over the past couple of years since I paid more attention to makeup such as how to draw my eyebrows, how to perfect my eyeliner etc., I have also like to stock up on my eyeshadow palettes.

As most of my eye palettes have expired, I went to Etude House to pick up a new set. The reason for choosing Etude House was because I had always been a fan of their eyeshadow colors. Additionally, whenever they release a new palette, I feel that their combination of colors were perfect.

I mean, just look at this range from the 2020 F/W Collection (not the one that I had brought)

The palette that had caught my attention was from the Play Color Eyes 2019 F/W Collection, which the 2020 F/W collection had also adopted; where there are 9 different eyeshadow shades in the same palette. In the 2019 range, there are a total of 3 colors: Maple Road, Chilly Moon and Tulip Day.

I was debating over Chilly Moon and Maple Road as loved the colors in these two palettes. However, after much deliberation, I decided to buy the Maple Road set instead as I preferred the warm colors; the brown/reddish colors were my weakness whenever I saw eyeshadow palettes with these color in them.

As the different beauty shops, such as Etude House no longer allow customers to try out their testers to prevent spreading of virus through the test products, I was unable to try swatching some of the colors on my skin. Instead, I had to take a leap of faith and try it out at home, hoping that the colors suits me.

As always, I liked how the colors turned out, though I noticed one of the glitters doesn’t turn out prominently on my skin, which is fine with me.

Personally, I preferred the color ranges from the right column, and have been using them quite frequently in my makeup routine, especially for work.

Overall, I liked the palette a lot and have been using it quite often; whether it is for work or when I am out running errands.

I am not too sure if there are more colors that will be released as part of the 2020 F/W range. So far, the only 2020 F/W color that I had saw was Muhly Romance; but who knows if there will be additional colors coming along the way.

Having said that, the 2019 collection is still available in Singapore (Etude House Physical stores, online). The official retail price for these palettes are $34.90, but with upcoming 11.11 sales, you might just be able to get it at a cheaper price. 🙂

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