[Korean Drama] 부부의 세게 The World of the Married

Starring: Kim Hee-Ae, Park Hae-Joon, Han So-Hee, Park Sun-young, Kim Young-min etc.

Number of episodes: 16

Ji Seon-Woo, an associate director who works in a hospital found in the Gosan district used to think that her life was perfect. She had a loving husband Tae-Oh, and they had a son named Jun-Young. However, her life spiralled out of control when she discovered that Tae-Oh was having an affair with another woman.

Unable to tolerate the fact that Tae-Oh was having an affair, deceiving her and using their family funds behind her back, she set out to obtain evidence for her husband’s infidelity and to get her revenge.

Da-Kyung is the daughter of Chairman Yeo, whom was very reputable in Gosan district. She fell in love with Tae-Oh, attracted by him; even though she knew he was married. Things took on a different turn when she realised she was pregnant with Tae-Oh’s kid.

Lee Tae-Oh, husband to Ji Seon-Woo and father of Lee Jun-Young, dreams to become a famous movie director. With the wife’s support, he was about to run a small film company. However, due to his wife’s success in the Gosan District, he often found himself in an inferior position. As a result, he started to have an affair with Yeo Da-Kyung, who looks up to him.

Author note: I am not proud to admit this, but I swear throughout the entire show I was cursing and swearing at this character for being so useless and trashy.

The unfortunate protagonist of this drama, whom got betrayed by almost everyone (at least once) throughout the entire series: by her husband, by her closed friends, even by her son.

Underneath her perfectionist demure, she had a bad experience when she was younger, and that may have attributed to the way she turned out, being extremely critical towards her own son and husband.

She was also a character you will never want to mess around with, because she was willing to go all lengths to get what she want, which in this case, was primarily her revenge against her husband.

The supporting characters had also added flavours to the drama, pulling their own weight to make the drama more exciting. Special mention of Lee Hak-Joo (as Park In-Gyu), who was sooo villian-ish in the drama that I swear he must had been hated by netizens for the role.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When I first heard that this drama was one of the highest rating drama, I was hesitant to jump into the bandwagon that is everyone is raving about.
Having said that, I could understand why people was hooked onto this drama when I caught parts of it during a house visit to my relative’s.

While I read news that some netizens were uncomfortable with the violence and sexual elements, I felt that the production team had done a great job and to be honest, these elements wasn’t that bad (compared to some western dramas that I had seen before).

Personally, World of the Married Couple was a pretty intense Korean Drama that I had seen in the most recent years. The episodes were full of anticipation, and personally I like strong female characters so I was really interested to see how things go for Ji Seon-Woo, when it appears that the world was going against her.

I must admit I was never a fan of such genre, so I didn’t expect anything in terms of the plot development; which taken me quite by surprised when there are plot twists that I had never expected.

Despite the good plot overall, I feel that the ending was decent at best. For me it felt like there was a lot of build up in terms of emotions and all only to end with an ending that made muttered: “What?”. It was a pity actually, as I felt the ending could be so much better.

In terms of the acting by the cast, I must say the production team found the perfect cast. Special mention to Kim Hee-ae for her exploding acting. I had never watched her dramas before and it was really impressive.

Overall, I definitely recommend this drama; and chances are, you may ended up binge-watching it (like me).

World of Married Couple is available on VIU or Netflix Singapore.

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