[Chinese Drama] Miss Truth 大唐女法医

Casts: Zhou Jie Qiong, Toby Lee, Tim Pei, Lan Bo, Wang Yi Zhe

Total number of episodes: 36

Note: Miss Truth is a drama adopted from a novel “The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor”

The story follows a forensic examiner Ran Yan (acted by Zhou Jie Qiong), who wishes to investigate the truth behind her mother’s death, even though officials have written off her mother’s death as suicide. During the course of her seeking the truth, she had crossed paths with Xiao Song (acted by Toby Lee), a government official and Su Fu (acted by Tim Pei), an assassin.

As the Chinese of the title suggests and as the synopsis suggests, Ran Yan was heavily involved in assisting Xiao Song by being the forensic examiner for the cases that he was in charged of. During the course of her helping Xiao Song, she also managed to get closer to Su Fu, who was an assassin that saved her life.

With two guys vying for her attention, and that she moved towards discovering the truth of her mother’s death, she also managed to find her truth love…

I started watching this drama because of Toby Lee, whom appeared in another show (Arsenal Military Academy) that I had watched previously. In fact, his bodyguard in this show Bai Yi, also appeared in the drama as his best friend. Thus, the bromance between Xiao Song and Bai Yi were pretty real in my opinion, since this is not the first time they were working together.

Xiao Song, a government official, first got to know Ran Yan during a case and decided to hire her as his personal forensic examiner. Being a government official, he had this domineering, charismatic vibe, which was obvious whenever he was being a meanie/bully towards Ran Yan. However, he also have his soft spots as the story progresses.

In terms of Tim Pei’s acting, needless to say, his characterisation of Su Fu was great (I am adding him as an actor to look out for henceforth). Personally I think it is hard for Tim Pei as being an assassin, Su Fu doesn’t smile a lot and on most cases, he had to look at as though he is voided of any emotions. However, I truly think Tim Pei had done an awesome job.

Su Fu was introduced to this show right at the start when he saved Ran Yan’s life. Since saving her life, he often appeared whenever Ran Yan is in trouble (kind of like a shining black knight). He also wants to be with Ran Yan, despite the fact that he is an assassin and that he had a mission that he needs to complete.

This is Jie Qiong’s first drama, and I personally think being her first drama, it was not too bad. She had managed to portray the free & easy aspects of Ran Yan, but I thought her emotional scenes (i.e. crying scenes) could be slight better.

Ran Yan, the only female lead of Miss Truth, is on a quest to uncover the cause of her mother’s death. During her quest, she had known Xiao Song and Su Fu, who both have feelings for her.

Two of the supporting casts that made the show more enjoyable, Sang Chen and Bai Yi.

For Sang Chen, he also had feelings for Ran Yan and is willing to sacrifice a lot just to make sure Ran Yan is happy. In the case of Bai Yi, being the bodyguard of Xiao Song, he was often loggerheads with Ran Yan (which make the drama more enjoyable).

What was surprising was that the drama have also pair Sang Chen and Bai Yi together for a few scenes; where they banter with each other.

The drama overall was great in my opinion. 36 episodes just felt right for me. Each episode was also interconnected to create a bigger scheme of things, which make the drama interesting to watch. There was also plot twists found in the show, which makes it unexpected.

The characters were great in general and I have my fair share of “Team Xiao Song” and “Team Su Fu” throughout the show. Supporting casts had also pulled their weight for the show.

Though I wonder if this drama is setting up for a second season based on how the drama ended…

Miss Truth is available on Youku.

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