[Makeup] Laneige Layering Lip Bar

Laneige is a rather well known brand that can be found widely in Singapore. Few years ago, they launched a lipstick that was dual tone, which I really liked as I ended up buying a lot of the lipsticks in different shades.

In 2019, Laneige launched their layering lip bar, which consist of 6 colours in the same lipstick. The 6 layers was to help create the gradient effect using one swipe.

The layering lip bar series have a total of 20 colours (10 matte, 10 gloss).

Colour chart for the Laneige Layering Lip Bae

After doing swatches at the store, I ended up getting the Color Soul Red (#20) to give it a try. Note: the Soul Red that I gotten was a matte finish.

Note: This is purely based on my experience using the lipstick, which definitely differs to everyone.

What is Awesome

1. A total of 6 colors within a lipstick. Additionally, there is a variation of the 6 colors, as per the swatch done on my hands.

2. It glides on my lips easily

3. I love the color of Soul Red

What is Not So Good

1. Despite it was supposed to create the gradient effect without much effort; personally I feel that it doesn’t really work for me. Perhaps it was me who was doing the applying wrong, but I don’t seem to see a gradient effect when I wear it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Will I buy the Layering Lip Bar in the future? Perhaps I will, but in another color apart from Soul Red. I am always a fan of the matte finish lipstick so I may ended up trying other colors such as Stubborn Rose just to try out the color ranges. However, this is product that people should consider if they would like to have the Korean Gradient effect!

The Laneige Layering Lip Bar is retailing at SGD $39 each. You can get the lipstick at the physical stores or on Lazada.



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