[Personal] Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

Found in the vicinity of Masjid Sultan , approximately 10 – 15 minutes walk from Bugis, is Kitten Sanctuary, a place home to felines that were being rescued and waiting for adoption.

After being introduced of the venue by a friend, plus we like cats a lot; we decided to make an appointment to visit the Sanctuary.

Upon reaching, we were told by the volunteers to sanitize our hands for hygiene and safety of the kittens and cats found in the sanctuary. The sanctuary also provide lockers for visitors to store their bags.

The Sanctuary is divided into three areas: (1) the back area where the volunteers have their break & where the kittens and cats get their baths (2) main play areas where the cats social interacts with humans (3) the kittens quarantine area.

For the kittens quarantine area, they only allow up to 5 – 6 visitors at a time. Both of us went up to the quarantine area and was greeted by a total of 6 kittens having their lunches. We were then being showed to our seats on the floor. Shortly after, the volunteers handed both my friend and I a kitten, which we were then being informed they were about a month old.

It was definitely a therapeutic session as I sat there playing with the kitten and taking photos. The kitten must have also enjoyed his time with me as he even fell asleep at some point.

After an hour or so staying at the Kittens quarantine area, both of us went downstairs to the main play area, where there are bigger sized cats playing around with the volunteers. It was there when I met Archie, who was locked up inside a cage because of flu. As he was kept in his cage, he was very vocal about it. However, I must say Archie is one charismatic cat that I ended up taking a series worth of his photos.

This is not the first cat “venue” that I had visited. I had visited a Cat Cafe previously, but would like to share that the Cat Cafe and the Kitten Sanctuary have very different concepts.

Cat Cafe

Kitten Sanctuary

Admission is at $16 dollars with a complimentary soft drink. The admission price is meant for a whole day visit. Meaning, you can stay at the cat cafe for the whole day, and no body is going to chase you out.

Tables and seats were provided throughout the cafe for visitors to chit-chat, study or just bask in the midst of the felines.

There are a number of cats (15 in total) but they generally live do their own things? Occasionally some of the cats will want to play with the visitors, but most of the time I noticed them minding their own business more.

Admission price is at $20 dollars without any complimentary drinks. For the booking, you will need to book a specific time slot (2 hours each) and can only enter the Sanctuary at the stipulated time.

No tables were provided in the sanctuary as it was a place that was created for the human and feline interactions.

The Kitten Sanctuary promotes visitors to do social interactions with the cats & kittens. Also, the cats & kittens seemed to adore human interactions more.

Personally, I really enjoyed myself at the Kitten Sanctuary. It was really a wonderful experience to be able to interact and play with Kittens that were a month old, which I had never got a chance to experience before. The Kittens had brought out a motherly side of me while I there, which was unexpected. And the photos that I had taken during my visit there often make me smile whenever I browse through them again.

Because of this experience that I have gotten while I was at the Kitten Sanctuary, I highly encourage cat lovers to visit this place and give it a try to see if you enjoyed it as much as I do. Will I be going back for another visit? Definitely!


I would suggest for people who are interested in visiting the Kitten Sanctuary to consider either the 12.30PM or 2.30PM slot. This is because when we are about to leave the Sanctuary at approximately 4.30PM, the kittens and cats have kind of wind down, making them less active. Don’t say I bo-share!

Note: Special thanks my bestie Liyee here for the introduction to Kitten Sanctuary. Without your introduction, I won’t have never knew about the place and get such a therapeutic session with the felines.

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