What do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? What ever you desire, ‘that is here’.

– Tower of God
My favorite webtoon is getting its own anime?!?

The intention was to create a post on sharing my favorite webtoon that I had been watching for the past few years turns out to be a realization it will actually be animated. (Best news ever!)

Tower of God (TOG) – 신의 탑 is a WEBTOON from artist SIU. TOG was first published in 2010 and Line WEBTOON began providing official translations from 2014. From then till now (March 2020), TOG has about 450+ episodes and we are at Season 3 story ark.

TOG is a story that showcases the protagonist; Twenty-Fifth Bam, who used to live underground with his only friend Rachel. However, when Rachel decided to abandon Bam and enters the tower; he followed and began his quest to find Rachel. During the course of his quest, he made new friends, allies and enemies…

What made this WEBTOON interesting; at least to me, was that SIU had made Bam a character with so much potential that as a reader, I am curious to embark on this journey to see how far Bam can go in this quest of climbing the tower. Couple with the most interesting story plots, it became my most favorite WEBTOON (and I had been reading other WEBTOONS as well, but none made me repeat reading it for 3 times starting from chapter 1).

Additionally, there were some much character growth in all characters that SIU have created; apart from Bam of course. Support roles such as Khun have also grown so much over the course of the 400 episodes. And not to mention the fact that in terms of the graphics, it had become so much better.

Not sure if it was due to the number of readers watching this WEBTOON, it was definitely everyone’s happiness when Crunchyroll decided to make an animation adaptation of TOG. For someone who haven’t been keeping up with Anime for a very long time, I am excited to see how TOG is adapted (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t disappoint).

I may decide to review the Anime version once it starts to air just for comparison sake with the actual WEBTOON but it will have to wait till the anime is out. In the meantime, I have included the official teaser here.

The anime version of TOG should be out in April 2020; though if anyone is interested, they can read the WEBTOON on Line WEBTOON first. Please note that this WEBTOON is still ongoing, and a new chapter/episode will be released every Monday (unless SIU decides to take a break).