[Korean Variety] Hangout with Yoo 놀면 뭐하니

MC Yoo Strikes again

Note: I must confess, I like Nation MC; Yoo Jaesuk a lot. I tend to enjoy watching his variety shows as compared to other MCs.

It was a shame that the Infinite Challenge was cancelled in 2018 after 13 years of airing in the Korean Industry. However, in 2019 (a year after the cancelling of Infinite Challenge), Kim Tae Ho PD-Nim (who used to be in charge of Infinite Challenge), decided to launch a new variety show with Yoo Jaesuk.

Titled as Hangout with Yoo/ How do Yoo play 놀면 뭐하니; this show is slightly different for the current suite of Korean variety shows out there. For example, instead of having a group of main casts for the show, we now have only Jaesuk as the main cast.

Additionally, the concept of this show is fairly interesting. Generally, this show forces Jaesuk to pick up new skills/ talents. Based on what I had watched, this program is split into key topics that span across a couple of episodes.

For example, the pilot episodes for Hangout with Yoo was a relay camera series, where Jaesuk was given 2 video cameras, and his task was to pass it on to other celebrities in the industry to do a self video cams.

Sample of the Relay Camera Topic – featuring TVXQ Yunho

Subsequently topics include Genius Drummer, Trot for Yoo etc. (I shouldn’t spoil everyone by going into too much details here. However, personally, I feel that the Genius Drummer was extremely good that I enjoyed it very much 🙂)

I am not entirely sure if this variety script is scripted or not, though I believe that whatever new initiative Kim PD had in place for Jaesuk, it was often not communicated to him before, because he seems genuinely upset (angry at times) upon receiving the news.

And it was the element of surprise that made me even more impressed with MC Yoo. Because very often, he was forced to learn new skills / talents; stepping out of his comfort zone. However, instead of giving up and running away, he took it with stride and did his best in achieving those outcomes, which so far, have been receiving positive feedback.

Genius Drummer – Segment

If you happened to need a new variety show as entertainment these days, I highly recommend Hangout with Yoo! It was one of the few (if not the first) variety show that I had come across that was not simply entertainment, but inspirational as well.

One of my new motto is this: if Jaesuk could do it at his age, I could do it as well. And I believed this motto does stick to everyone who watched this variety. 🙂

Hangout with Yoo is available on VIU app.

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