[Korean Variety] Busted! Season 2

Back in 2018, I did 2 posts on the Korean Variety – Busted!, which I felt was a pretty good show with a very unique and fresh concept in Korean Variety shows. As Season 1 had garnered quite a large number of positive responses from viewers around the world (since the show is available only on Netflix), the producers mentioned they will work on Season 2.

In November 2019, Season 2 was officially released, with a total of 10 episodes.

There were quite a few changes made since Season 1 of the variety.

First up, Lee Kwang Soo, who have appeared in Season 1 as one of the detectives, had withdrawn from Season 2, after appearing only in the pilot episode of Season 2. “Replacing” Kwang Soo was another actor, Lee Seung gi, who only appeared as part of the detective team from Episode 5 onwards.

Busted! have also introduced recurring casts such as Stephanie Lee, Lee Min Jae etc. who were involved in the cases that the detectives are trying to solve in the various episodes.

In terms of special guests, we also have well-known casts such as BTOB Yook Sungjae, EXID Hani, Lee Bora, Dongjun, B1A4 Jinyoung.

Plot wise, similar to Season 1, the detectives have to solve various crimes and murders. There were also some thrilling moments with unexpected plot twists.

Personally, I felt like I wasn’t enjoying Season 2 as much as compared to Season 1. Not sure if it was because I was expecting something more (which I can’t seemed to pinpoint too). 2 out of the 10 episodes wasn’t as entertaining as I thought and I bulldoze through.

The plot twists in Season 2 was great, something that I had not expected; but I still do feel a little disappointed because questions from Season 1 were not addressed fully. But I supposed the producers are slowly building up the blocks and plots for Season 3 (if there is one, hopefully).

It was a great show overall and I enjoyed a good portion of it. I’m hoping that Season 3 could address some of the questions that were unaddressed from Season 1 and 2.

For those who are interested in crime solving shows with comedic relief, do give Busted! a go! Both Season 1 and 2 are available on Netflix. (Trailer for Season 2 is right below).

Busted! Season 2 official trailer

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