Lil Stunna Lip Paint – Fenty Beauty

Chanced upon this limited edition Lil Stunna Lip Paint during one of my shopping trips recently.

I have always wanted to try Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint as there were quite a number of good reviews on it. With the limited edited Lil Stunna Lip Paint, I finally got a chance to do so.

For the Limited Lil Stunna Lip Paint, it only comes in one color: Underdawg. I did a swatch when I was at Sephora and personally, I feel that the color Underdawg is similar to Griselda from the Mattemoiselle Series (also by Fenty Beauty). However, in terms of the application, the Stunna Lip Paint is much better; as the Mattemoiselle is a lipstick while Stunna Lip Paint uses a brush-like applicator which makes it easier to apply the corner of my lips.

Tried it on the other day and I must say I really love Fenty Beauty dark shade lipstick colors. (There is something just so magical about it, I swear)

The Stunna Lip Paint is highly pigmented, so I have to apply layers of it just to make sure the colors turns up on my lips. In fact, all I need was to dab 2/3 times gently on the center of my lips and it will be sufficient.

It is also very long-lasting and so far, when ever I am using the Stunna lip paint, no re-application is needed (for me) after meal times.

Tried and Tested – My first time trying out Underdawg Lil Stunna Lip Paint

Personally I think the Stunna Lip paint is really good! The application and long-lasting of the product really makes the product worth getting! However, the downside is that for the original size Stunna Lip Paint, Underdawg is a not one of the colors (as Underdawg is a limited edition piece; probably to celebrate the festive season). I certainly hope Underdawg will join the original sizes in the future!

Limited Edition Lil Stunna Lip Paint is available in Sephora at SGD $24.