[Travel] Tongli (同里) Ancient Town

Being known as the “Venice of the East”, Sis and I decided that we have to visit Tongli ( 同里 ) during our visit to Shanghai. We had also decided to stay at Tongli for a total of 2 nights to experience living in a water town.

How did we get to Tongli?

  • Travel by Metro to Tongli Station (the whole metro ride took about 50 minutes)
  • Take Exit 10, where there will be a tourist station to allow customers to purchase the attraction tickets for Tongli
  • Take bus (approximately 10 minutes) to Tongli
  • Register at the Visitor Service Center upon arrival. (This is because attraction tickets are valid for 2 days. The second day however, instead of using the ticket for entry, they will be using the fingerprint scan)

Note: The only bad point about staying in Tongli was that the roads are very uneven. Pulling of my luggage was the most difficult part of staying at Tongli. (Thank god my luggage wheels survived the 10 minutes walk to our accomodation.)

In Tongli, we decided to stay in Floral Hotel 1917. The manager was extremely friendly and we stayed in the 2nd floor of the accommodation. What we see when we open the door to our room:

While the exterior were of the ancient architecture, the interior were furnished with heater, television, water boiler etc. Initially I thought the bed would be hard as well; which thankfully didn’t turned out that way.

What I enjoyed truly during my stay in Tongli was how slow-paced the place was. While Tongli was bustling with tourists during the day; the water town does get extremely quiet at night. And because most of the attractions within the town closes at about 6pm.

For the attractions found in Tongli, they are usually places such as the garden or halls; which was similar to the concept of Humble Administrator Garden that I have mentioned previously.

Perhaps it’s due to period that I was in China; in terms of the weather is towards the cooling/cold side (in my opinion). Additionally, as I stayed in Tongli for two days (Sunday and Monday), the place is much quieter on Monday, probably due to the fact that its a weekday.

For those who wish to get away from the hustling and bustling life and have been considering to visit Shanghai; would encourage to include Tongli as part of your itinerary if you have the time to visit!



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