[Travel] Humble Administrator Garden (拙政园)

For the first couple of days in Shanghai, Sis and I decided to travel to Suzhou first and explore their water towns and gardens, which was what Suzhou was well known for.

Before traveling to Tongli to experience the life of living at a water town, we decided to stay at Hotel Soul Suzhou for a night as one of the more famous garden (Humble Administrator Garden) was found in that area (approximately 2km+ away in terms of distance). Instead of taking a transport to the garden, we decided to clock our steps and walk to the garden from our hotel instead. With the baidu map; we reached the Humble Administrator Garden in about an hour.

Payment via wechat and alipay are common in China, so that are many many automated machines that allow visitors to pay for their tickets by themselves. However, for travelers who do not have such form of payment, please note that the area to purchase your tickets are at the right of the entrance to the Humble Administrator Garden.

For the admission tickets to the garden, the fee is 70RMB (approximately 12 SGD).

Sis and I visited the garden on a Saturday, so it wasn’t surprising to see a lot of visitors to the garden. What we knew was that the highest amount of visitors in the garden was approximately 9000+ visitors and was extremely thankful that when we visited, the total number of pax in the garden was about 3000+.

Possible reasons why there are always visitors to the Garden. The garden, since 1997 is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and is the largest Garden in the entire Suzhou.

What came across as an eye opening experience was the beautiful ponds, pavilions and buildings that were from the era where all my martial heroes were created. And of course, such places were never found in Singapore (unless you want to classify Singapore Chinese Garden as such, but the scope is entirely different).

Definitely looking slightly crappy because its the day we touched down in Shanghai and the lack of sleep is getting to me. 🙂


After completing the Humble Administrator Garden, both of us also went to talk a walk along the Pingjiang Road that was located nearby.

There were a few restaurants, street food that you could try along as well as some interesting trinkets here and there. Also, there were many stores that are selling soft nougats and tea (though a piece of advice from me; please be careful when you purchase things from these stores as they tend to try to oversell and at the same time overcharge you).

Overall, I enjoyed the Humble Administrator Garden visit as it was definitely something that I could never experienced in Singapore. Also, probably because I was there in early April; the weather there is at about 15-19 degrees making it extremely cooling.


Sok lingg

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