[Travel] Shanghai 2019

For 2019, Sis and I decided to visit Shanghai, China since neither of us had been there before. After some research online and using some of the review apps, we have finalized our itinerary as follows:

Day 1

  • Flight to Shanghai
  • Travel by coach to Suzhou Railway Station
  • Travel by metro to Chayuanchang Station (察院场站)
  • Walked about 250metres and checked in to Hotel Soul Suzhou
  • Walk from hotel to Humble Administrator Garden (拙政园)
  • Walk along Pingjiang Road

Day 2

  • Checked out Hotel Soul Suzhou.
  • Travel by metro to Tongli (同里) station
  • Take tourist bus to Tongli water town
  • Walked about 300 metres to Tongli 1917 Best South Boutique Inn
  • Walked around Tongli water town

Day 3

  • Walk to bus station
  • Take bus 758 (approximately 30 minutes long) to bus station.
  • Walk about 350 metres to Zhouzhuang (周庄).
  • Walk around Zhouzhuang
  • Take bus 758 and walk back to Tongli
  • Walk around Tongli water town

Day 4

  • Check out from Tongli 1917 Best South Boutique Inn
  • Take bus back to Tongli metro station
  • Take metro to Suzhou Railway station
  • Take high speed railway back to Shanghai Railway station
  • Travel to Tiantong Station and check in to Golden Tulip hotel
  • Travel to Shanghai international glasses city to make glasses
  • Travel to the Bund for night view

Day 5

  • Travel to Shanghai Disneyland Resort

Day 6

  • Visit to Yu Yuan (豫园)
  • Walk around Nanjing East Road (南京东路)

Day 7

  • Joy city shopping mall (大悦城)
  • Visit to Tianzifang (田子坊)

Day 8

  • Check out from Golden Tulip and return back to Singapore.

There were also some other places that we have visited in between but didn’t turn out to be fantastic in our opinion. As such I have removed them from this list.

Apps that are useful for your trip

Some of the mobile applications that turned out to be extremely useful during my trip are as follow:

  1. Baidu Maps
  2. Shanghai Metro app
  3. Disneyland app
  4. Disneyland Photopass app

I will probably mentioned about some of the attractions in the next couple of posts so stay tuned! 🙂



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