[Travel] Teddy Museum Safari Theme Park

Teddy Bear Theme Park, Teseum, by Teddy Bear Safari Co. Ltd
Address: 155-112 Sogil-ri Aewol-eup Jeju-si

One of the places that I visited during my Korea trip was the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju island.

There were a total of 2 teddy museums located in Jeju island; both with their own uniqueness. We ended up at the Safari theme museum due to the fact that it was the newer museum out of the two.

As the visit was included in the tour package that we had paid for previously, I wasn’t sure what was the admission price.

The teddy bears were well created, enormous with extremely cute faces, making them extremely cute selfie partners. Additionally, there were a few zones for the museum, such as the safari zone, the underwater zone, the greek zone and even the fairy tale zone.

However, in my opinion, unless you like teddy bears “beary much”, the teddy bears does get kind of boring after a while due to the repetition. Perhaps travelers with young children may like this place? But for a bunch of adults, most of us kind of speed it through after a while. So for those who are considering visiting this place while you are in Jeju; unless you have free time on your hands, then you could consider going. Otherwise, you could take this out from your itinerary.


Sok Ling

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