[Scent Review] A Normal Seoul – Normal Spray (Cooling Peach)

The power of Instagram: You get to know about online shops/stores that you never knew existed…

Over the past couple of months, I have developed a new interest; scents. I have slowly developed an interest in fragrances / scents in general and have been getting items such as Essential Oils for Diffusers, Candles from Yankee Candle, body mist etc… Not sure what contributes to this interest, but I have been really particular about how my room smells in general these days.

I didn’t know how powerful the advertisements on Instagram was until I found an online store that interest me while I was browsing through my feed.

Meet A Normal Seoul ; a concept store that focuses on fragrances for the daily essentials. After browsing through the store, they categorize their products into 3 main categories (Diffuser, Spray, Perfume).

After browsing through their store, their Cooling Peach Normal Spray Fragrance caught my attention and I decided to buy it to get it a try.

According to their website and the box, the cooling peach normal spray:

  1. A Strong Cooling Effect
  2. Eliminates 99.6% of Bad Odor
  3. Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Germs
  4. No Harmful Ingredients

Initially, after spraying them onto my arms as a try out, I couldn’t feel the cooling effect immediately. After 30 seconds, I felt the cooling sensation on my arms which I felt was amazing. I have also used the same product after my exercise class last week and I am happy to say the cooling effect does work wonders.

I also loved the peach fragrance after the application of the product, which wasn’t too overpowering but it also ensures that the bad odor were eliminated.

I am liking this brand so far based on the product that I have purchased. Will be patronizing them again in the future! (I am eyeing their hair perfume, which seems quite interesting).

Also, just to share, A Normal Seoul Singapore are having some discounts going on for their products, so if you are interested in getting their products be sure to get them soon!

Till the next one!



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