[Korean] TalktomeinKorean

One of my most favorite platform in revising and learning Korean these days is Talk to Me In Korean (TTMIK).
They have also revamped their site this year (if i remember correctly) so I have been studying from their site a bit more this year.

What is so awesome about TTMIK is that they have broken down learning of Korean into different levels (i.e. newbie, beginner, intermediate, advanced) so that it was easy for learners to navigate around based on the level they are at. TTMIK also provide a “Test your Korean” page so that learners who are new to their site can use the page as a basis to determine which level they are at.

Personally, what I really love about TTMIK is that they have so many content (free or paid) available for their learners. They are also constantly developing new content for their learners so that it never gets boring. The content that they developed consist a wide range as well; such as the verbs with multiple meanings, Iyagis, Drama etc.

Their current site is also great in tracking the completion of the courses you are taking at the moment (under learning center). For instance, for videos or audios that you have completed, you could check if off and it automatically gets updated in the main page so that you could track your progress and what you have yet to complete etc.

TTMIK also developed their own books for learners to refer to when they are studying. Since 2017, I have been slowly getting their books and ebooks whenever they are having some discounts (because shipping from Korea to Singapore can be expensive). I am still in the midst of plowing through their books. Will give a quick review of the books when I am done plowing through them.

For those who are interested in starting off learning Korean but lack the funds to attend Korean Language Schools, I strongly recommend that you use TTMIK as the platform in learning your Korean. As I am attending a Language School as well, I am using TTMIK as additional references for my learning.

Till the next one!


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