[Travel] Gangchon Rail Park

One of the places I visited during my 8 days in Jeju + Seoul was the Gangchon Rail Park.

Back in 2017, during my free and easy trip to Korea, I was interested in visiting the Rail Park in conjunction with the Nami Island and Little Petite France. However, after much consideration, I ended up for the day tour with the picking of strawberries instead. I was happy that I am able to experience the Rail Park together with my parents this time.

Perhaps it was the autumn season, the place looks amazing with the autumn foliage and the cooling weather.

As the maximum number per rail bike is 4 person, my family had to split into 2 cars, where my parents shared with 2 ladies while the three musketeers (my brother, sister and myself) shared the same rail bike.

It was pretty cool peddling along a given path, taking in the sights and enjoying the breeze. There are also some sections that were automatic tracks so you can relax while the rail bike move on its own.

It was also during the rail bike experience that I realized that there are even bikes for couples. (Though I wonder if its more tiring since instead of 4 people peddling, there are only 2 people instead)

Overall, I think its really fun to do some exercise while traveling overseas and at the same time able to look at the different sights.

However, some cons about this rail park is that the speed of your rail bike is dependent on how fast the bike in front of you cycled. For most part, my siblings and I were not able to move as fast as we thought as we were constraint by bike in front of us.

Also, as a word of caution, during your rail bike experience, please DO NOT leave your mobile phone inside your pants pocket or in your coat (if its the cooling weather). There is a possibility that the phone will fall off from your pocket when you are cycling. For my tour group, someone actually didn’t heed this advice and resulted in her losing her phone (which she managed to retrieve it later thankfully).

Till the next one! 🙂


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