[Korean] Korean Language

Since 2017 March, I have started to learn Korean Language on a more serious note. Before 2017, I do have some basic understanding of Korean and was able to read the alphabets and perhaps forming of certain basic sentences but wasn’t able to go far.

With the implementation of the SkillsFuture Credit by the government, I have decided to take up Korean again and this time, be more serious with my studying towards the language.

For the past 20 months, I have been attending weekly classes at Language School Hanok Korean.While I am attending classes and doing homework, I am trying to ensure I get sufficient practice through other methods such as:

  1. Use of Korean Phone Applications (i.e. Naver, Eggbun)
  2. Use of Talk to Me in Korean (via their free lessons as well as their learning materials such as textbooks)
  3. Other textbooks that I have brought/used previously before 2017.

I will be starting to share my learning journey here. So if you happened to be someone who wants to pick up Korean but doesn’t know how, feel free to ask!


Sok Ling