[Korean Drama] Player 플레이어

Starring: Song Seung-heon, Krystal Jung, Lee Si-eon, Tae Won-suk etc.

Number of episodes: 14


The player is a drama that portrays how a con-artist, a driver, a fighter and a hacker worked together to bring down people who are highly influential and rich through committing crimes.

Ha Ri (Song Seung-heon) a con-artist who was bold and smart. He started with his quest in taking down people with political power to revenge for his dad who has been framed for accepting bribery and was murdered 15 years ago.

Byung min (Lee Si-eon) is a hacker who was well known in his field of the hacker world. He used to be working for a guy name Chairman Chun and was almost beaten to death but was saved by Ha Ri.

Jin Woong (Tae Won-suk) is a fighter who used to be hired by anyone who pays him whenever they needed additional manpower. With his built, he was well known for one to one combat.

Ah Ryung (Krystal), the only lady in the group and the last to join the group, is really good at driving. While she often portrays an air of indifference, she actually cares about those around her and slowly warms up to the three oppas as the story progresses.


I decided to gave Player a go because of Seung-heon starring in this drama and the summary that introduced Player is interesting. While Player is a drama that joined the ranks of “revenge for my loved ones plot”, I had enjoyed the show.

Each of the main casts have a story to tell. Maybe it was due to my naivety, but I initially thought that Seung-heon will be getting the most limelight in this show. However, the other main casts (Krystal, Si-oen and Won-suk) were also given important roles as their characters, with their backstories, pieces the plot together.

The plot wasn’t too confusing, with twists in between the makes the show exciting.

The acting of the main casts as well as the supporting casts were amazing. I kind of teared at one of the scenes that Krystal appeared near to the end of the show as she was just amazing.

Verdict: WATCH IT

Player is available on VIU tv.



Sok Ling

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