[Makeup] Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint

Laniege recently launched a new lip product: Tattoo Lip Tint.

I did some swatches while I browsing the product in the local Laneige Stores, but finally purchased the product while I was in Korea.

The two colors that I had brought were: Acai Bowl Red and Berry Good.

Credits: Laneige Website
Credits: Laneige Website

I have tested the Acai Bowl Red the other day to test out its color and how long lasting the product was. After trying it out of a day, the product does met my expectations.

Application: The application was pretty easy and with it’s “knife-like” applicator, it makes its easy to apply on the corner of my lips.


Color: Color was intense and I love it.


Transfer-ability: The lip product does stain my cups / water bottles when I am drinking. However, the transfer-ability was quite bearable. The color is still visible on my lips without doing reapplication during the day.

Range of colors available: Personally, I am delighted that they have the darker shades of red for this series; which was the main reason why I ended up getting Acai Bowl Red and Berry Good as they were the darkest colors among the series.

Pricing: This Tattoo Lip Tint is retailing at SGD $32.

Color Scheme



As I have previously used another dark colored based tint before (Etude House Matte Chic Lip Lacquer, I felt that both are pretty good products.

Comparing the Acai Bowl Red and the color Seulgi Burgundy that I brought the other time, I personally felt that the Seulgi Burgundy color is slightly nicer (probably because Acai Bowl Red is more towards the red color, which Seulgi Burgundy have the dark purplish red effect). I have yet to test out Berry Good so I will update this post again when I have tried and tested Berry Good.


Sok Ling


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