[Travel] 8D Wonderful Korea Jeju

This is my 3rd trip to Korea and instead of the usual free-and-easy concept, this was a guided tour trip. The change in concept to guided tour was in considering of my parents and the fact that Korea’s free-and-easy concept requires a  lot of walking.

We decided to plan our trip in October so that we could be able to look at the autumn leaves in Korea.

So the three musketeers (namely my elder brother and sister + myself), we decided to book our Korea trip via this travel agency named EU Asia Holidays Pte Ltd.

EU Asia Holidays Pte Ltd was established in 2013 and we decided to select this travel agency due to its different travel packages available. We booked our trip during the NATAS fair in March earlier this year so the deal was good; given the fact that we were flying to and from Korea via Singapore Airlines, all accommodations and most meals were inclusive in the packaged deal.

Our trip covered the following sights/attractions/places:

In Jeju

  • Seongsan Ilchubong Sunrise Peak with Jeju Woman Diver Performance
  • Seopjikoji
  • Teddy Bear Safari
  • Yongduam Rock
  • Tapdong Street

In Seoul

  • Gyeongbok Palace
  • Hongik Street
  • Mt. Seorak area + Cable Car
  • Nami Island + Rail Bike Experience
  • Everland Theme Park
  • Dongdaemun
  • Ginseng Gallery
  • Lotte Tower
  • Seaweed Museum + Traditional Hanbok Wear
  • Ikganbo
  • Mini Mart

The accommodations that I stayed for this entire trip are:

  • Incheon Ramada
  • Jeju Howard Johnson (2 nights)
  • Gangwon Class 300
  • Yongin Ramada
  • Seoul Grand Ambassador (2 nights)



  • Everything was already planned out. I didn’t have to worry about whether my family is going to like the sights/attractions or whether they are happy with the food because everything was already planned.
  • Buses all the way! One thing good was that the mode of transport was mainly by bus. We didn’t have to take the subway so it helps that my parents didn’t have to walk the long stretches of underground pavement in order to change subway lines. This also meant that I could take naps on the buses whenever we are moving from one destination to another
  • Everything was already well taken care of, and I mean everything: arrival card has been filled by the tour agency, hotels confirmation have been prepared by the tour agency etc. I felt like a princess because even loading and unloading of my own luggage wasn’t even done by myself, but by the Korean tour guides.


  • I didn’t have much freedom for the trip – as most of the day was already planned out; most of the time we were just traveling from one place to another to “fulfill” what was stated on the itinerary. Free time to do shopping was at a bare minimum, which resulted in “speedy” shopping; such as not being able to browse products to see if they suited me or not etc.
  • Certain sights/attractions does not really suit everyone on the tour. One of the places that I felt wasn’t suitable for me was the sale of the product Ikganbo, which is a supplement that helps to protect your liver. I am not saying that my liver is in a wonderful condition, but I felt that bringing a tour group to get supplements when we could spend the time doing other shopping might be more worthwhile. And the purchasing of the Ikganbo was done right after we went to the ginseng gallery, which was also kind of like a supplement product. Perhaps it was because I was never into supplements (at this point of my life) so I couldn’t relate much to this Ikganbo.

Will I go for guided tours again?

Depends! There are still perks for guided tours so I might be interested in going for guided tours again, but for other destinations. Especially for countries that I don’t think I could go for free and easy with my Sister.

Will I use the services of EU Asia again?

Definitely! I went on guided tours when I was younger and that was terrible. I was quite impressed with EU Asia’s service so I am interested in going for their tours again for other destinations. Special thanks to Yanni Tee and Mr. Ji (the korean guide) for the smooth trip!

For the specific locations/attractions, I will most likely be doing them on separate posts.


Sok Ling

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