[Personal] Cat Cafe


I first visited the Cat Cafe with a friend a couple of months back as I have always wanted to visit a cat cafe in Singapore. As we visited the place for the very first time, I was impressed with the affordable prices and concept that since my first visit, I had returned back the cafe twice (it’s already my third visit when I am posting this).

For a total of 15 dollars, you are entitled for a complimentary drink and for the visit to cat cafe; there is no time tagged to your stay. This means that if you would like, you can actually stay in the cafe from its opening to closing hours.

The cafe also restricts the number of customers that visit the cafe. For instance, if all the floor and table seats are taken, the cafe will stop allowing customers until seats are available. In the cafe, cats are free to either sleep at the main areas where customers are around or to sleep in the “no customers beyond this point” corner, which was quite thoughtful of the cafe to ensure that if the cats doesn’t want to interact with humans even when they are sleeping, they are given the opportunity to do so.

For the cats found in the cafe, apart from Butter, whom I heard is the owner’s personal cat; the rest of the cats found in the cafe are adopted.

The staff found at the Cat Cafe were amazing too. At times they will engage in small talk with the customers. They will also approach customers who were being too rough to the cats or when some customers are talking too loudly and resulting in other customers being disturbed.

For those who adore cats but couldn’t afford to adopt one, this is a good place to go to have your feline love fixed.


Location: 241B Victoria Street (Bugis Street Area).

For more details and the number of cats that could be found at the cafe, you can take a look at their website here. 





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