[Korean Drama] Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사


Title: Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사

Staring: Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye-Ji, Lee Hye-young, Choi Min-soo

Total number of episodes: 16


A former gangster turned lawyer returns back to his hometown to seek revenge on those that resulted in the death of his mother using the law and his fists.

Author Note: My initial plan was to provide a more detailed summary of the drama but felt that would result in spoilers so I decided to kept it brief.

What brought my attention to this drama initially was the fact that Joon Gi was casted as the male lead (with special thanks to Joon Gi’s official Instagram for posting the drama). While Lawless Lawyer is an action-genre drama, it was different from Joon Gi’s usual historical drama.

For Joon Gi, he was well known for characters in historical dramas such as: Ijimae, Arirang and the magistrate, Scholar who walks the night and Scarlet heart.

To see him acting in a modern day drama after Criminal Minds; I was looking forward for this drama.

Apart from Joon Gi, the other main cast includes Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye-Young and Choi Min Soo. While I don’t remember watching dramas from them, Choi Min Soo is definitely someone that I had remembered (for those who have been fans of Running Man, he was the same guy that had frightened the Running Man members whenever he was on the show).


This wasn’t the first drama that talked about a slightly darker concept where the leads wanting revenge for their family (for my case, You are All Surrounded and Pinocchio have similar concepts); but it was still pretty refreshing from the usual fluffy dramas.

In my opinion, the drama also talked about truth about living in reality: how the world have been structured in that sense that the rich and powerful benefit because they are rich and powerful; and some may event go through extreme measures to gain even more power/wealth.

Drama wise, in this show, Lee Joon Gi and Choi Min Soo are also at each other’s throats. As the drama progresses, its obvious both of them are great actors that have chemistry with each other. Their scenes in drama usually involve them fighting each other, screaming at each other, or pointing guns at each other.

In this show, Lee Joon Gi and Choi Min Soo are always scheming at each other, trying to kill each other. The intensity was so well portrayed that it shows how great chemistry these two actors have with each other.

Off cameras, however, seems like they are pretty good friends.


And how can I not talk about the chemistry Seo Ye Jin have with Lee Joon Gi? All of their romantic scenes got me like a fangirl who wants to ship the pairing so badly.

Also, I must say through this drama, Seo Ye Jin is slowly climbing the ranks of being one of the actress that I like, which is largely due to her acting skills. Plus, it may be weird for me to say this, but she is so fluffy and cute whenever she smiles!


And specific to Lee Joon Gi, with his experience in action scenes from his historical dramas, all the action scenes in this drama was simply amazing. ( I quote the fight in the bar and the fight at the hospital)

As I did watch his older dramas, I felt he had improved over the years, his gaze now speaks emotions, which I felt was amazing.

Rating: Must watch

I felt that this show deserve a lot of recognition because the meaning behind the drama was impactful.

As I completed the last episode, I have this thought that there may be a second season to this due to how the show ended. However, only time will tell if there is going to be a second season released for it.


Lawless Lawyer can be watched on VIU.

Till the next one!


Sok Ling

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