[Chinese Drama] The Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

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One of the most anticipated Chinese drama in 2018 finally hit Television last week. After watching the pilot episode, I was hooked; and have been faithfully watching the drama since (and even re-watched certain parts just because I was hooked).

Title: Legend of Fu Yao (扶摇)

Starring: Ethan Juan, Yang Mi, Lai Yi, Vengo Gao, Zhang Ya Qin etc.

Drama Summary thus far:

Fuyao was adopted at a young age and have been living in Xuan Yuan Sect; often being looked down upon by others due to her status as a slave. During a contest that she had been sabotaged to join, she managed to learn an invincible fighting technique and since then, shown improvements in her martial arts to the point she could even take down the first senior of Xuan Yuan Sect, the one whom she used to have romantic feelings for.

During the course of Fuyao experiencing hardships, she met Zhang Sun Wu Ji, who is under the disguise of the crown prince of Tianquan.

Reasons why you should watch Legend of Fuyao:



1. Yang Mi (杨幂)

For those who loved Chinese Historical Drama, Yang Mi’s shouldn’t be unfamiliar. Being the female lead of Eternal Love (三生三世) with Mark Chao, Yang Mi is back on the screen, this time acting as the martial arts master Fu Yao.

If you think Yang Mi was being slightly badass in Eternal Love; guess what? She is even more badass in Fu Yao (based on the episodes I had seen thus far).


2. Ethan Juan (阮經天)

For Ethan, its been a while since he was acting in a drama series (He was more active in film for the past few years).

However, if you had been a fan of dramas for a while, you probably will remember him from the Taiwanese Drama: Fated to love you (命中注定我愛你).

Note: Fated to love you was a drama that was so popular in 2008 because of the plot and cast. So if you have never watched it before, I suggest you check that out whenever you are available.

Fuyao Filming 2

3. Vengo Gao (高伟光)

For those who had watched the Eternal Love, Vengo shouldn’t be an unfamiliar character as well since he was acting in the show as Dong Hua.

But from the looks of it, seems like both him and Ethan will be fighting for Yang Mi’s affection.


4. The romance between characters portrayed by Yang Mi and Ethan

Of course, the chemistry between the two leads were one of the reasons why I am hooked onto the drama. They are so fluffy whenever they are together and Ethan had portrayed himself as the knight in shining armor as he always appear when Yang Mi is in danger. Which makes me smile like an idiot whenever he does that.

As of now, I am loving the drama thus far and I hope the drama doesn’t disappoint as it progresses further.

Legend of Fuyao are available on either maplestage (chinese subs), ondramanice (english subs), ondramacool (english subs). As of today, there are approximately 12 english subbed episodes available.


Sok Ling





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