[Makeup] Etude House Matte Chic Lip Lacquer


Matte Lipstick that stays long enough after one application.

Well known Korean brand Etude House have recently launched a new lipstick: Matte Chic Lip Lacquer.

As I was browsing through the range, the beauty advisor mentioned that the pigmentation was great and it is a long lasting product. Initially, I was skeptical on how long lasting this lipstick could be but nevertheless I had gotten myself one of the lipstick because of the color – I seemed to have this obsession with dark red colored lipsticks. :p

So without much debate, I purchased RD302 – Seulgi Burgundy; probably the darkest color in the series.

2018-06-08 20:31:47.524

My first try with the color left me looking like this:


While I was applying the lipstick for the first time, my verdict is that the beauty advisor wasn’t kidding about the product.

The lipstick is highly pigmented and after doing a swatch on my lips; I was good to go. There wasn’t a need to apply a second layer since all, if not most, color have been transferred to my lips perfectly. And after giving it 2 minutes to dry, the color have settled on my lips. There are no smudges and therefore no need for reapplication.

Color wise, I really love how the burgundy turns out! As I was playing with a few colors at the shop.


Not sure if its because I have semi dried lips, but after my first use of the product, I realized my lips turned out really dried and whenever I wet my lips, it feels really rough. 😦

However, I tried to counter this rough feeling by first applying a layer of lip balm prior to the lipstick and it works, as I don’t feel my lips as dry comparing to applying it straight on my lips.


12 colors in total to choose from

Etude House Singapore is doing a promotion for this series right now (as of 11 June 2018). The lipstick is retailing at $19.90 but you can now either:

  1. Buy a normal size lipstick with 5 mini size lipstick at $30, or
  2. Buy a normal size lipstick with 1 mini size lipstick for free at $19.90

While I think Option 1 looks like a much better deal that Option 2; I ended buying only RD302 (normal size) and gotten RD303 (mini size) for free. The other mini size colors were not something that I thought would suit me, so I gave them a miss.

Overall, I am giving this product a 4.5/5 for how good it was in general. (the 0.5 missing was due to how dry it felt if I applied it without a lip balm, but the product is still a great one).

Till the next one!



Sok Ling

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