[Korean Variety] Busted!


You know a show is good when you faithfully watched it consectively for 5 weeks.

After recommending the show Busted! here the other time when there was only 2 episodes, it’s already the season finale for the show on Friday. After watching the last two episodes, I must say the show doesn’t disappoint.

Each episode was packed with contents, mysteries, thriller with a tinge of comedy that got me hooked up so badly. And what I initially thought was stand alone episodes of solving crime turned out to be one huge plot that slowly built up since Episode 1.

The cast were great and each of them have developed their own character throughout the 10 episodes (i.e. Sehun the competitive detective or Min Young, the all rounder detective) that complements each other.

Also, kudos to the team for the well-thought plot. The stories were interesting and engaging; even though some are creepy (since they include some “paranormal” aspects), which can be quite a shock for someone, like me, who is a hater for horror stuff.

In addition, I think the prop team deserves a note of commendation; I personally want to say that all the props were amazing (especially those locked up rooms that the prop team have to make and prepare all the props to move in a certain way, or to move after the detectives solved crimes).

Most memorable episode(s)

Out of the 10 episodes that had been aired, the most memorable episode was Episode 4 – Messages from the Dead.

Another episode that was memorable to me was the finale, The Disappearance of K.


As I had searched about the show at the initial stage when the pilot episode just came out; I knew there was only going to be 10 episodes. With the finale episode, my initial thoughts were: will there be a Season 2?

Thankfully, I am not the only person that have high praises for the show because Netflix has confirmed that they will be doing a Season 2 of the show! (Thank you Netflix and yay to fellow lovers of the show!) And according to the PD, Season 2 will be even better!

SKIP THIS portion for potential spoiler:

I hope that Season 2 will address some of these “questions” that was left hanging from Season 1:

  • Lee Ki Woo, the killer from Episode 3 that framed Kwang soo; got away scot-free on an international cruise liner – will he be back to cause another crime?
  • Park Hye Jin, the village doctor from Episode 4, reaches the mainland with the help of the detectives, will he victimize more people through sucking his “vampiric” methods?
  • Will Yoon Seok, from Episode 1 and 9, one of the fellow dectectives, be appearing again in Season 2?

And of course, one of my most burning question is – will the cast from Season 1 be the same for Season 2? (It would suck if Jae Suk is removed from the line up – I practically started the show because he appears on it. 😦 )

Once again, I highly recommend this drama/ variety show for its indeed one of it’s kind in Korea as of now; and I truly believe there are lots of people, whom like me, are in praises of Busted! after watching it.

Busted! is available on Netflix, with all 10 episodes of Season 1 uploaded.

I have also included the Busted! – The Making-Of for anyone who wants to know abit of what the show is about.


Till the next one!

Xo, Sok Ling

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