[Makeup] Fenty Beauty, Mattemoiselle

Founder of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna; launched a new product for her makeup brand over last Christmas and the hype continues till today.

The product that RiRi launched was the Mattemoiselle, a lipstick that encompass a matte finish but it’s also provides moisture to your lips. The product must have been well liked as a number of shades were unavailable whenever I visit the Sephora stores in Singapore.

While it’s true that Fenty Beauty is a relatively new player in the makeup industry, it is still a popular brand these days. With a total of 50 (yes 50!) shades of foundation and marketing themselves as a brand any woman out there could use, regardless of their skin color, Fenty Beauty have definitely gotten my attention.

Mattemoiselle – Griselda

Out of the 14 colors I that were found for this range, I decided to purchase Griselda for its color.

Recently I had become a fan of dark red mixed with purple lipsticks and Griselda was practically screaming “Pick me!” as I was doing the swatches at Sephora.

Since my purchase of Griselda, it had become my to use lipstick during the weekends as I simply loved it a lot.

Selfie of me with the lip color Griselda

As of now, I have yet to find another color of Mattemoiselle that caught my eyes. However, I will definitely repurchase a second Griselda once my I am done with my current stick.

Mattemoiselle is selling at $28 SGD at Sephora stores, offline and online.


Sok Ling

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