[Movie] Thor Ragnarok


Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo etc.

Ragnarok cannot be stopped.

Personal rating (and potential spoilers) below.

Rating: 4.5/5

Caught Thor Ragnarok today and it was a well 2 hours spent watching Thor back on the screen.

What I liked about Marvel films, in general, is because they are pretty consistent in how they portray their films – an action film with a good sense of humor.

There are many parts of the Ragnarok that brought smiles/ laughter to my face because they were just so funny.

Character-wise, it was great to see Thor again and this time with his brother Loki and Hulk. (I had always been waiting to see Thor and Loki to be on the same side instead of fighting each other; and I finally got to see that in Ragnarok).

The brothers love-hate relationship made me going “awww” internally whenever they have their bromance moments.

Perhaps its due to the other Avengers heroes has their respective movies (like Ironman, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor etc.) that span across years, I totally forgot that Hulk had disappeared from the Avengers team since the battle with Ultron.

Ps: Well my memory could have failed me too because we have Civil War and Homecoming since Avengers 2; kind of understandable that I lose track; yes?

Nevertheless, it’s good to see my favorite big green guy back on the screen together with Thor and their chemistry (or rather arguments?) were still as entertaining as ever.

Also, I was elated to see Dr. Strange in the movie as well, though it was for a short while, he was entertaining as always.

Content-wise, story plot was pretty decent, though I was surprised to see the world Sakaar. In fact, when Thor entered the main city of Sakaar, I was like “what?” because everything was so futuristic. I do have my doubts that I wasn’t watching a Marvel film but something else, but again, it might be due to my idiocy of not reading the Marvel comics at all, thus I didn’t know what to expect.

The romance aspect was pretty non-existent in Ragnarok (unless you count the Thor/Loki or Thor/Hulk as romance). Though I spotted a budding romance between Thor and 142, I guess we shall see how things turned out in subsequent movies.

Overall, I enjoyed myself with Ragnarok, it was really good to see part of the Avengers working together again. (With reference to Civil War, look how that turns out.)

And as I was penning this post, I realized that my memory of my Marvel heroes have become extremely blurred (The one that I probably remembered the most should be Homecoming; because that happens to be the last movie I watched). Guess I should do a marathon for my heroes again.

Till the next one!




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