[Travel] Pre-departure tips and plans

Back to reality after spending a week in South Korea. Even though it’s my 2nd visit to Korea, I have decided to focus mainly on Seoul again for a few reasons:

  1. I am not confident that my limited knowledge in Korea language will allow me to survive places such as Jeju and Busan.
  2. As my older sister and I are traveling as a duo, getting a private car in Jeju Island can be costly.
  3. There are still places of interest in Seoul that I have yet to explore.

One major difference to this trip compared to my first virgin trip in 2015 is the season. Back in 2015, I visited Korea at the end of May, where it’s summer thus the weather is humid and warm. This time round, we visited the place at the start of April, where its the start of the Spring Season, and we wish to see the pretty cherry blossoms.

Mentioned in one of my previous post about itinerary planning, I completed my 2017 Korea itinerary via Travefy, which have a couple of functions that makes planning for travel so much fun.

Will be sharing the different places that I had been to along the way (and will be including some photos or places from my 2015 trip) but for now, here are some pre-departure tips and plans that I have done prior to flying.


This time, the temperature that I will be experiencing was a range of 8-20 degrees. As Korea have 4 seasons, it’s better to check out their temperature constantly to know what type of clothes will be required.

I strongly recommend Uniqlo for such chilly places as their products helps in ensuring that users are kept warm. With their newer blocktech range, it warms the user the instant they put them on. I managed to get my hands on the blocktech pants and it was a life saver to prevent my legs from getting chilled.

Heat packs

Heat packss are helpful for me during this trip too! Priced at $2 per pack in Singapore’s Daiso for either 6/8 pieces, it helps to ensure that my hands are not chilled from the chilly weather and I am kept warm too.

Ps: It’s good for those ladies who suffer from cramps due to the time of the month. I usually stick one on my tummy when the cramps get unbearable.


I wasn’t expecting that the change in temperature will cause my skin to turn extremely dry so I was pretty shocked when my nose and lip area started to dry up and begun to peel. Since then, I had been religiously using my skin care which includes the Laneige sleeping mask and lip treatment to hydrate my face.

Currency exchange

A piece of advice: always check the currency exchange rates months before you fly! Surprisingly, there seemed to be a trend where Korean Won become stronger in the months of April/May thus for every 1 Singapore Dollar, you can exchange about 770 – 810 Korean Won. However, I have seen before where for 1 Singapore Dollar, you can exchange 830 – 840 Korean Won (in the later months of the year). So it’s important to always check out the exchange rate and change the money when it’s most favorable to you!

Personally, I will change a set amount in Singapore first prior to flying. I will also bring extra Singapore Dollar along so I can change in Korea if need be. For my two trips to Korea, I ended up overspending so I have to exchange money in Korea. As I am staying in a hotel in Myeongdong, I browse through the few money exchange stores for the best rates. Alternatively, you can also change for Korean Won upon arrival at Incheon Airport.

Funtastic Korea

For travelers who prefers free and easy but at the same time would like to have a fixed tour that allow them to explore certain parts of Korea, you can consider Funtastic Korea, where they organize tours to different places. My sister and I tried the Strawberry Farm + Nami Island + Petite France tour hosted by them. Will be covering it in detail for my upcoming posts. One good point that I can highlight now is that it’s extremely hassle-free since the organizers will take care of everything.


WiFi can be rented at the Incheon Airport. They do have a number of brands such as LG. However, do note that Singapore have ChangiWiFi too. The collection of the WiFi is at the airport and usage is charged on a daily basis. Collection and return of the WiFi can be at any of the Changi Airport Terminals.

Back in 2015, where I rented my WiFi from Korea, the battery didn’t last me and my sister the whole day. We have to charge the WiFi using our portable chargers frequently and have to off the WiFi if we are not using to save battery.

This time round, I guess we were lucky because the ChangiWiFi lasted the whole day without being switched off at any time, with two phones tapping to the WiFi constantly. The battery was so long lasting that we didn’t even have to use our portable chargers to charge it at all.

Guess I am sold, will definitely be using ChangiWiFi again in the future!

Getting to hotel

For my past two trips to Korea, I have been staying at Myeongdong. Apart from the beauty heaven, what I like most about staying at Myeongdong is that they have a direct bus from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong. Bus number 6015 gets passengers from the airport to different places, with the final stop being Myeongdong. This eliminates the problem of me having to carry my luggage on the MRT, which can be a nightmare due to the numerous flights of stairs.

Price per person for the bus is at 15000 won. The bus ticket can be board at all the bus ticket counters in Incheon Airport, though I board my ticket outside of Exit 9 of the airport, where the bus stop of Bus 6015 is located nearby.


That’s all for my pre-departure tips and planning! Hopefully it helps someone in getting their trip all ready and hope you all have fun in Korea as much as I did. More posts to come!



Sok Ling

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