Travefy – Itinerary Planning

With my upcoming Korea trip in 2017 round the corner, I had been taking time to planning the itinerary for my trip.

As my trip consist of me and my sister, it was not that cumbersome since we can always discuss the trip anytime, anywhere. However, it would be more of a challenge if a group of friends travel overseas together. Editing of excel/word spreadsheets and sending each other updated copies will definitely be troublesome. (Though, there are always GoogleDrive so it may not be that much of a hassle)

To force myself to get to planning for my trip and at the same time, I began to search for the most effective way to plan for a trip and it was then I stumbled across Travefy.

Plan Together. Pay Together

Travefy market itself as a platform where people can discuss and organize their trips together, keep records of the expenses made and build mobile-friendly itineraries in minutes.

Purely out of curiosity, I created an account and tried to create my itinerary from there. And in a instance, I was SOLD.


The main page was classy and simple that shows all the trips that you are planning at the moment. At this point I only have my Korea trip scheduled. Clicking on the continue planning tab, it brings you to the page where all the magical things awaits!



The planning page is where the whole trip is broken down into days and you can plan accordingly to what you want to do on a daily basis.  You can include different icons to represent different items of the trip, such as taking a flight, traveling via buses, railways, key information or the activity of the day.

On the right side of the page, it shows 2 tabs – the Discussion and Ideas+Polls. The discussion tab functions like a chat room where friends can discuss about the trip. The Idea + Polls works like a resource bank, where you can paste urls of places of interest that you want to consider visiting. This is definitely a plus point to me because gone were the days of cutting and pasting urls onto my excel spreadsheet.


Travefy is also amazing in the sense that they have an exploration tab on the left where you can key into the destination that you are going. They will show you hotels, activities, food & drinks that you can consider including them to your itinerary.


And the last most important function is that they have a page where Trip Expenses can be recorded. This is extremely useful among friends traveling together and it will be good to show what was being paid for and being paid by whom.

Travefy has an mobile app as well where you can refer to the trip. It also allow you to download the itinerary to a pdf so you can print it out if you prefer a hard copy to a soft copy.


On a personal level, I think Travefy is amazing and I have been mentioning this site to my friends who are keen in using. Definitely a wonderful site for itinerary planning!






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